Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Summer Shower


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

Meera penned the lines of her favourite poem, once again in her diary. The words seemed to have a lot more to tell her and each time she read them a new upsurge she always felt. She felt free and happy.

Showers of summer. She could hear the rain talking to her through the window. She fondly capped her pen like she once used to dress up her doll and drew her curtains open. And she sublimed in the petrichor that lingered in the air.

In the breeze, the pages turned. With a soft hustle they went on to halt at the day's entry. The day that changed everything. And even amidst the music of the drizzle, her words of the day echoed in an aura of eloquence.


A lot of questions to be answered. But whom to answer first! Family? Society? Or my conscience that all ceased to bother about? Answers seemed too futile even to think of. After all they wouldn't matter once this was all over. I looked hard at my own reflection in the mirror. Pale and frail, was I just another corpse that had a live heart? I ran my fingers over the countless bruises that adorned my torso. No rogue nor powder could mask them from the people who knew my grief, yet they were masked from the world,brilliantly, by a dead smile and mere art of pancakes! The wounds but were nothing in par with the trauma that leeched my soul. Marriages are made in heaven? Oh! But I know nothing of it. But life could be made a hell by the tying of a knot. And sometimes all you can do is perish to the feeling of the knot being tightened around you. Sour was his love, bitter our relation and silence was my loudest cry. "The man of dreams" people wish their partner to be, when all I asked was to be treated with tenderness. No, nothing much as the petals of flowers you savor, but a very little more than the status of sheer flesh. Maybe that too was beyond the horizon I was granted to even think of. Long and hard I survived. But this heart whose fuel had worn out long before, could endure this saga of violence no more. All this had begun with tying of a knot and I decided to end this too with a knot. The latter would liberate me from the anguish the former had bestowed. And it was time for the curtain to fall.

"Mummaa" .... "Wha you doing up theere?" .... Rihaan in his naive accent questioned, nabbing whatever part of my saree, he could get hold of.

Among all the questions I had to answer, I couldn't turn a blind face to this one. No, not to this one. I loosened the knot and held my 2 and a half year old, close to my bosom. Now there won't be a look back. It was time to loosen all the knots.

I took out the document I had safely kept folded inside the cupboard. Buried deep down the clothes, for I hadn't wanted to entice this option, for the sake of "norms of society"! Why to adhere to the norms that never heard my pleas? I signed the petition.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul 
And sings the tune without the words 
And never stops at all.

Hope was synonymous to tomorrow. The next rays of sunshine would gift me a new life. Freedom, peace and a life. A life with and for my Rihaan, sans the bondage of my wedding ring.

Yes, she had chosen the path less trodden and that had made all the difference.

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  1. Hi Parvathy,
    You've penned it so beautifully with intense emotions. A single decision is enough for life changing!
    She made a right decision that would set her free and dignified in her own eyes.

    All the best for exams dear!
    Lots of love!

    1. Hey :) Thank you so much for dropping in. Some decisions do change your life forever. Glad that you liked it.
      And yeah, the best wishes came in time. My board practicals are going on. Good luck for your exams too.

    2. That's great! Give your best dear and do come back with flying colors :)
      Thanks a lot for the wishes...

      Stay smiling!

    3. Thanks dear. And yeah, your comments do bring a smile to me :)

      Keep spreading smiles mate :)

  2. Ohhh wow, lovelyyy write up . Decisions that are self gratifying are def d best decisions :)

    1. Thanks Tinu :) Yup. Atleast at some point of time such decisions are very necessary!

  3. Sometimes you have to take decisions that are difficult to make but they will liberate you!
    By the way, I remember my father introducing me to this poem as a little kid.
    Its my favourite poem too!

    1. And yeah Robert Frost knew the best about decisions.
      Btw Hi5. I too love this poem. Actually we had this in our English Text and my favorite Teacher taught me the poem. Seems the verse just got etched in me!

  4. Literally nailed it.........d best decision she cud hav laid her heart upon yet intricate enough to transform her into a whirlwind of regretz bt truly in d end all z well dat endz well KUDOZ!!

    1. No human can stick on to a decision that can please the whole Universe. But at the end, the decision that gives her joy was to be taken! :) Thanks a lot for dropping in :)

  5. Good that she took that step, and not the knot above her.

    1. She deserves her share of happiness and no knots can grab that right from her!