Monday, 13 April 2015


Rituparno Ghosh.
Aiswarya Rai Bachhan. Ajay Devgun.
Music of Debajyoti Mishra
This is no review, but what I scribbled after having watched it. But yeah, I did love the movie. A lot.

The rain that once used to wove poetry in our hearts
Today, fell a little heavy
Was it that the raindrops ran out of passion
Or was it my tears? Were you crying too?
Only if a night I would wake up
In a world where the words we painted were true

And the world of hurting reality
Would be a mere fantasy to be left behind
Lost in the wrong world

But those hollow castles we built seemed so colourful
Those you adorned with tails of rainbows
Shooting stars and dried petals
Ah! Black and white were colours too
And never did I love lies more

The raindrops cling on to the window bars
As we do to our fables of joy
Reluctant to leave hold was a last drop
The last bundle of lie
I leave them safe within
Never knowing you too had left me one

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